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  3. "Except I think it feels more like an empty stomach than a broken heart. An aching hollowness that food can’t cure. You know. You’ve felt it yourself, I bet. You hurt all the time, you’re restless, you can’t think straight, you sort of wish you were dead but what you really want is for everything to be the same as it was when you were still with her… or him."
    — Richard Laymon, Night in the Lonesome October  (via clumsiest)

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    February 20th, 2014:
    “I fucking needed you, couldn’t you see? I’m so sorry I love you.”

    March 23th, 2014
    “I’m doing it tonight. That’s why I called you. I sat on my floor crying my eyes out. I really miss you. I love you. I love you all.”

    March 24th, 2014
    “Fuck you. I don’t fucking know what went down because you won’t fucking tell me. You can’t just fucking tell me you’re in love with me then just say you don’t even think about me. You can’t fucking tell me that I would be your fucking girlfriend and then leave. You always do this shit. You always fucking do this. Fuck you. You fucking hurt me but I fucking love you. Christ I love you why did you do this. I didnt want to fall in love with you but I did. It just fucking happened. I’m so fucking done. I’m done. I love you.”

    Apirl 8th, 2014
    “If I die then I love you. I really fucking love you. You are so beautiful and you mean the entire world to me. I’m sorry I was so unstable. I’m so sorry it’s come to this. Its not your fault. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you but I did and I know I would love you until the day I die. Stay strong please. Listen to thag CD I made you. Laugh about the memories. The kisses. The long mornings and nights. And whether you really find that you love me or if it was merely a crush, I believe there was still love between us. Those kisses were so real and so were the feelings. I love you with my whole heart and you were so special to me.”

    Apirl 26th, 2014
    If you don’t fight for what you want then don’t cry for what you lost.”

    May 4th, 2014
    “I fucking hate you for what you’re doing to me. I fucking hate you.”

    May 30th, 2014
    “Don’t ever give someone every thing and let them tell you you’re nothing.”

    — Seven suicide notes I wrote to you

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  13. Countdown to Season 4 - Week Two: Favorite Overall Scene
              ”Don’t you die on me, Violet! Don’t you die!”

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